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Curriculum Vitae

Louisa Katherine Thomson

Silversmith and Jeweller


Fine Art Society, Edinburgh

(Reference available upon request.)

Since June 2022, I have been a Gallery Assistant at the Fine Art Society where I have single handedly supervised the gallery, made sales, delivered works and helped to hang exhibitions.

Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh

During their Raphael exhibition, I volunteered at the Dovecot Studios as an Exhibitions Engagement Assistant where I showed visitors around and how to interact with the exhibition equipment.

LKThomson Jewellery, Etsy

Throughout the pandemic, I ran my own jewellery business through Etsy where I sold a number of small works.

Andrew Grant Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art

I catered at and set up the space for an exhibition in Edinburgh College of Art where I also exhibited my own work.

RCA Exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art

I collaborated with an RCA masters student to prepare an exhibition displaying my own work.

Limited Edition Sale, Edinburgh College of Art

I made and sold a number of jewellery items at a selling exhibition in Edinburgh College of Art.


2019 - 2023

Edinburgh College of Art,

University of Edinburgh

BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing, First Class

2013 - 2019

Dunblane High School

Seven National 5 qualifications, four Higher qualifications and one Advanced Higher qualification



Experienced in raising, sinking and spinning.


Proficient in traditional jewellery making techniques including stone setting.


Competent in using software like Artlogic, Microsoft Excel, Rhino 7, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Awards and Activities

Incorporation of Hammermen Award

I was the recipient of the Incorporation of Hammermen award which was in the form of a grant to allow me to complete further silversmithing training after graduation.

Scottish Goldsmith's Trust Bursary

Was awarded the Scottish Goldsmith's Trust Bursary 2023 to fund my graduate collection made from silver sheet.

T&JW Barty Salver Award

In 2018, I received the T&JW Barty award for my Art and Design portfolios.

Smith Gallery Exhibition, Stirling

In 2018, I had my Art and Design portfolios displayed in the Smith Art Gallery in Stirling.

Radical Jewellery Makeover

In 2022, I took part in the Radical Jewellery Makeover where I sold jewellery made from donated pieces from the public.

Tiny Changes

I worked with the charity Tiny Changes where I provided a handmade piece of jewellery as a prize for donations made.

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